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      200th Birthday of Joseph Schumacher,
                                     Born March 12, 1811 in Epfendorf, Germany

German Catholic Church Records
and Epfendorf local records confirm
parents as
Mathias Schumacher and Maria Elisabetha Hirsch
Russian Saratov records confirm parents as
Mathias Schumacher and Maria Elisabetha Hirsch

Joseph Schumacher in Epfendorf 200 Years ago

  Joseph Schumacher Congratulations, to  you and all the descendants. (Confirmed from Russian, German and USA records)

  1st Marriage to Elisabeth Schwan (Past from childbirth at age 23)
                                Joseph Schumacher and Andreas Schumacher
  2nd Marriage to Columbia Bauman (Past from childbirth at age18)
                                 Elisabeth Schumacher
  3rd Marriage to Katherine Erck  (Past from Tuberculosis at age 42)
                                 Elisabeth Schumacher, Andreas Heinrich Schumacher, Gabriel Schumacher,
                                 Mathias Schumacher,  Franz "Frank" Schumacher, Barbara Schumacher,
                                 Anton Schumacher, Johann Schumacher, Michael Schumacher
                                 Joseph J Schumacher and Katherina Schumacher
 4th Marriage to Julianna Schneider

    The Schumacher Family tree split in about 1830 some leaving Germany,
 for the Black Sea region ( Odessa, Russia ) now the Ukraine. Russia promised land, no taxes and no military
 for their children. This sounded good to Joseph Schumacher born 12 March 1811 and his brother
 Thomas both sons of (Mathias Schumacher and Maria Elisabeth Hirsch) due to the region was in economic
 turmoil after Napoleon waging war in the region. 
 As the Russian government promises fell with passing years, and the Germans were not welcomed in the
 foreign land it become apparent to most they must leave.
 In 1885 the Schumacher family split apart again some staying in Russia with some of their descendants later
 returning to Germany,  research is ongoing what happen to those who did not make the journey to America.

  Franz Schumacher
  looking for a new frontier in America uprooted his family and headed by ship "SS Werra" from Bremen Germany.
  North Dakota was giving land away to those who would settle the land and homestead,
  Franz Schumacher was one of the first that pioneered the harsh environment and received his land grant
  in Zeeland North Dakota.

More Coming Soon! 

Including some Joseph Schumacher decedents who stayed in Russia and are now living in Germany!
          The Great Turkish Treasure story told in my family for years and Monsignor George P. Aberle
          coming to life as a reality as the colony of Georgental per Russian records!

Schumacher Family that immigrated from Herxheim to Selz and Kleinliebental are part
of my maternal family line and may be connected to my direct paternal line of Schumacher's
prior to going to Strassburg colony
Paternal line of Schumacher's are from Epfendorf Since the mid 1750
Maternal family line of Schumacher's are from Herxheim to Kleinliebental
More information is coming!

Sorry I don't have more to show you now
My time is spent research!


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